WaveJet Touch

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WaveJet Touch

MEASURE: Base, Cycle Mean, Cycle RMS, Duty Cycle, Fall Time (90-10%), Fall Time (80-20%), Frequency, Integral, Maximum, Mean, Minimum, Number of +Pulses, Number of -Pulse, +Overshoot, -Overshoot, Peak-Peak, Period, +Pulse Width, -Pulse Width, Rise Time (20-80%), Rise Time (10-90%), RMS, Skew, Skew@level, Top, Top-Base

MATH: Sum, Difference, Product, Integral, Derivative, FFT (up to 8 kpts with Rectangular, Von Hann, or Flat Top windows)

Company Teledyne Lecroy
Part Number wavejet_touch
Form Factor Benchtop
Bandwidth 350 MHz / 500 MHz
Price Ranges 1000 - 10000
OS (Windows or embedded) Windows
Max Sample Rate up to 2 GS/sec
Channels 4 + 16
Max Memory Depth 2.5 Mpts/Ch 5 Mpts interleaved
Waveform Update Rate/Max Trigger Rate >5000 waveforms/sec
Display size/Touch or non-touch screen 7.5-in. Color VGA Touch Screen
Vertical Resolution 8-bit ADC resolution, 12-bit with enhanced resolution
Instrument Integrations I2C, SPI, UART, RS-232 (All standard)
Trigger Modes Edge, Edge ALT, Edge OR, Pulse Width, Period, Pulse Count, Dropout, TV, Logic
Vertical Sensitivity 2 mV/div - 50 mV/div
Time Base Range 350MHz: 1 ns/div - 50 s/div 500 MHz: 500 ps/div - 50 s/div
Time Scale Accuracy 10 ppm (typical)
Footprint 13(W) × 7.5(H) × 4.9 (D) in.