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4 isolated channels and up to 8 hours of battery life

Waveform measurements: Cursors Types Voltage, time Measurements ΔT, 1/ΔT (frequency), ΔV, dv/dt 6 , di/dt 6 Automatic waveform measurements Period, Frequency, +Width, -Width, Rise Time, Fall Time, Max, Min, Peak-to-Peak, Mean, Cycle RMS. Power measurements: Optional package that offers instantaneous power waveform analysis, waveform analysis, harmonics analysis, switching loss, phase angles, dv/dt and di/dt cursors. Waveform processing: Operators Add, subtract, multiply, FFT FFT Windows: Hanning, Flat Top, Rectangular; 2048 sample points. Sources 2-channel models CH1 - CH2, CH2 - CH1, CH1 + CH2, CH1 × CH2 4-channel models CH1 - CH2, CH2 - CH1, CH3 - CH4, CH4 - CH3, CH1 + CH2, CH3 + CH4, CH1 × CH2, CH3 × CH4

Company Tektronix
Part Number tps2000b
Form Factor Benchtop
Bandwidth 100-200 MHz
Price Ranges 1000 - 10000
OS (Windows or embedded) Embedded OS
Max Sample Rate 2 GS/sec
Channels 4 analog
Max Memory Depth 2.5K
Waveform Update Rate/Max Trigger Rate Not Specified
Display size/Touch or non-touch screen 5.7 in. QVGA color display
Vertical Resolution 8 bits
Instrument Integrations None
Trigger Modes Edge (rising or falling): Conventional level-driven trigger. Positive or negative slope on any input. Coupling Selections: AC, DC, Noise Reject, HF Reject, LF Reject Video Trigger on all lines or individual line, odd/even or all fields from composite video, or broadcast standards (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) Pulse width (or glitch) Trigger on a pulse width less than, greater than, equal to, or not equal to a selectable time limit ranging from 33 ns to 10 s
Vertical Sensitivity 2 mV to 5 V/div on all models with calibrated fine adjustment
Time Base Range 2.5 ns to 50 s/div
Time Scale Accuracy 50 ppm
Footprint 13.24 (W) × 6.33 (H) × 5.10 (D) in.