PowerTrac XPR 0875 - 0200 RH

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PowerTrac XPR 0875 - 0200 RH

Inch Ball Screw, Precision Rolled, XPR, 0.875" Ball Circle Diameter, 0.200" Lead, RH Thread

Nook Industries uses the latest in CNC thread rolling technology and state of the art CNC induction heat treatment to manufacture a rolled screw with accuracy approaching precision ground at a substantially lower cost. XPR screws fill the need for applications that don’t warrant the expense for ground screws but still require more precise positioning than that offered by commercial grade screws. All are offered with internally preloaded non-adjustable ball nuts with either an integral flange or an OD thread which allows for the use of a custom flange to fit a specific need.

For convenience, XPR screws can be supplied completely machined and assembled with nuts and EZZE-MOUNTS ready for assembly. Should a standard assembly not fit the application, Nook can machine the screw to your specific design requirements. Ball nut configurations can be engineered to application requirements.

Part Number xpr_0875_0200_rh
4 ft. Part Number XPR8720R48
6 ft. Part Number No
8 ft. Part Number XPR8720R96
Company Nook Industries
End Code for Type 4 [* Journals may show tracings of the thread] 10
End Code for Types 1,2,3,5 [* Journals may show tracings of the thread] 17
Lead Accuracy +/- [in./ft.] 0,001
Precision XPR
Screw Code 0875-0200 XPR RA
Screw Material 4150
12 ft. Part Number No
Ball Circle Diameter [in] 0,875
Lead [in] 0,2
Root Diameter [in] 0,735
Screw Weight [lb./ft.] 1,8
Thread Direction RH