PowerTrac 1250 - 0200 SGT TA, with PRN Ball Nuts

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PowerTrac 1250 - 0200 SGT TA, with PRN Ball Nuts

Inch Twin-Lead Ball Screw Assembly, Precision Ground , SGT, 1.250" Ball Circle Diameter, 0.200" Lead, RH/LH Thread, Preloaded, Fixed, PRN

Precision Twin-Lead ground ball screw assemblies can be assembled with Nook, PowerTrac™ precision groung ball nuts, flanges and EZZE-MOUNT™ bearing supports to form cost effective systems. Precision Twin-lead ground ball screws can be used in molding machines, packaging equipment, food processing machinery, robotics, material handling equipment, tire manufacturing and assembly applications.

Part Number powertrac_1250_0200_sgt_ta
Ball Nut Number PRN10191
Company Nook Industries
Dynamic Load [lb] 1668
End Code for Type 4 [* Journals may show tracings of the thread] 16
End Code for Types 1,2,3,5 [* Journals may show tracings of the thread] 25
Flange Part Number -0
Incomplete Overlapping Thread Length [in] 02.50
Lead Accuracy +/- [in./ft.] 0,001
Maximum Overall Length [in] 108
Maximum Useable LH & RH Thread [in] 52,75
Nominal Ball Diameter [in] 0,125
Nut Weight [lb] 1,8
Precision SGT
Screw Code 1250-0200 SGT TA
Screw Material 4150
Spring Rate x 106 [lb./in.] 4,25
Static Load [lb] 17344
Torque to Raise 1 lb. [in-lb] 0,035
Wiper Kit Part Number ELASTOMER
Ball Circle Diameter [in] 1,25
Lead [in] 0,2
Root Diameter [in] 1,115
Screw Weight [lb./ft.] 3,7
Thread Direction RH