PowerTrac 0631 - 0200 XPR RA, with SGN Ball Nut, No Preload

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PowerTrac 0631 - 0200 XPR RA, with SGN Ball Nut, No Preload

Inch Ball Screw AssemblyPrecision Rolled Inch Ball Screw, XPR, 0.631" Ball Circle Diameter, 0.200" Lead, RH Thread, Inch Ball Nut, for SGT and XPR, Ground Accuracy, No Preload, SGN

To obtain optimum performance of Nook precision ball screws, it is required that the ball screws machined in their case hardened state. When annealing is applied to the end of the ball screw for machining purposes, the lead accuracy is distorted causing the ball nut to lock or jam on the ball screw.

Nook precision ball screw and nut assemblies provide ease of application without the need to machine or anneal the ball screw, as all that is required is installation. Nook precision assemblies offer turnkey solutions that only require a power source (hand operation or motor). All of the elements are available for quick delivery from shelf stock.

Part Number 0631_0200_xpr_sgn_no_p
12 ft. Part Number No
4 ft. Part Number XPR6320R48
6 ft. Part Number XPR6320R72
8 ft. Part Number No
Ball Nut Number SGN10083
Company Nook Industries
Dynamic Load [lb] 700
End Code for Type 4 [* Journals may show tracings of the thread] 8
End Code for Types 1,2,3,5 [* Journals may show tracings of the thread] 12
Flange Part Number FLG7570
Lead Accuracy +/- [in./ft.] 0,001
Maximum Adjustable Preload [lb] No
Nominal Ball Diameter [in] 0,125
Nut Weight [lb] 0,8
Precision XPR
Screw Code 0631-0200 XPR RA
Screw Material 4150
Spring Rate x 106 [lb./in.] No
Static Load [lb] 3360
Torque to Raise 1 lb. [in-lb] 0,035
Wiper Kit Part Number -0
Ball Circle Diameter [in] 0,631
Lead [in] 0,2
Root Diameter [in] 2,333
Screw Weight [lb./ft.] 0,86
Thread Direction RH