MD Series Liquid Cooling

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MD Series Liquid Cooling

Several machines across industries (such as injection molding machines) need to achieve very short acceleration and deceleration times. Traditional electric machine systems have limitations in acceleration and speed caused by the high inertia of their moving parts.
Moog Maximum Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors (MD Series) address the evolving need for greater dynamics through increased angular acceleration (ratio between peak torque and inertia) and higher performance in industrial applications. The electromagnetic design has exceptional overload capacity which result is an increase in the effective torque available to accelerate and decelerate the load, thereby enabling higher dynamics and reliability and improved cycle times and energy efficiency.
The wide range of MD series motors, combined with the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, reduces the need for redesign, limits cost and improves space utilization.
Moog also provides Servo Drives that are matched to the MD Series motors for optimized system performance.

Faster operation, higher performance
Increased productivity
Improved product quality through accurate control
Consistent modular design and characteristics for the full range of servo motors
Accelerated machine design process resulting from a wide range of readily available options
Seamless integration into existing infrastructure
Lesser need for redesign, lesser costs

Part Number MD_Series_Liquid_Cooling
Continuous stall torque M°, Nm [lb-in] 46-1034 [407-9152]
Peak torque M-max, Nm [lb-in] 64.2-2012 [568-17807]
Rated Speed nN, min-1 [rpm] 5500-1400
Rated Power Pn, kW [hp] 9.35-60.4 [12.5-81]
Rated Torque Mn, Nm [lb-in] 45-1003 [398-8877]
Moment of Inertia J, Kg cm2 [lb-insec2 x 10-4] 10.8-1985 [96-17569]
Position transducer, Standard / Optional Resolver / Encoder
Company Moog