Explosion Proof Dynamic Brushless Servo Motor

Moog Explosion Proof Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors have been certified to comply with the Essential Health and Safety Requirements relating to the design and construction of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive environments.
The Moog Explosion Proof Dynamic Brushless Servo Motor is designed and manufactured in accordance with strict CE (VDE) standards, using ruggedized components with proven reliability in harsh thermal and shock load environments. These all combine to offer years of reliable, maintenance-free, operation and boost overall system availability.
The use of high reliability resolvers, sealed life-time lubricated bearings, precision balanced rotors (Class G 6.3 of ISO 1940), reduced runout machining tolerances (Class R of DIN 42955-R) and IP67 construction combine to extend service life.

AC Servo Motor (Synchronous)
Low inertia, compact length
Type of Motor: Totally enclosed, natural cooling (optional fan ventilation)
High voltage (600 Vdc Brushless Servo Motor) available
Flameproof servo motors available
Superior dynamics improves cycle timeCompact, lightweightProprietary low-cogging designRugged, minimum maintenanceFlexible design

Part Number Explosion_Proof_Dynamic_Brushless_Servo_Motor
Continuous stall torque M°, Nm [lb-in] 0.6 - 25 [5.3 – 221.3]
Peak torque M-max, Nm [lb-in] 1.5 - 60 [13.3 - 531]
Rated Speed nN, min-1 [rpm] 8800 - 2200
Rated Power Pn, kW [hp] 0.45 – 4.6 [0.6 – 6.2]
Rated Torque Mn, Nm [lb-in] 0.49 – 20 [4.3 – 177]
Moment of Inertia J, Kg cm2 [lb-insec2 x 10-4] 0.16 - 22 [1.4 – 194.7]
Position transducer, Standard / Optional Resolver / Encoder
Temperature monitoring NTC or PTC
Brake Optional
Rated bus voltage Vdc, V 325/565
Certificate/marks IECEx/ATEX
Cooling Natural
Company Moog