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This size 5 brushless DC slotted 48V mini motor is optimized for ENT microdebrider (a.k.a ENT shaver) applications. Motor torque and speed make this BLDC mini motor an ideal solution for powered surgical hand tools that are used in minimally invasive surgical procedures particularly surgeries of the ear, nose and throat. Portescap mini motors for surgical power applications are designed for high reliability in autoclave environments.

Designed for autoclave applications requiring up to 1000 autoclave cycles
Optimized for use in powered surgical handtools
High torque and high speed design is optimized to remove soft tissue, hard tissue, and bone
High speed electric motors allow for cleaner soft tissue cuts and shorter surgery cases
Lightweight and low vibration for increased surgeon tactile feel
High efficiency for low temperature operation
Small size allowing smaller surgical handtool designs and improved ergonomics
Withstands high current draw
Contact Portescap to see what customization options are available.

Part Number B0512N4081_sloted
Diameter, in 0.50
Length, in 2.39
Nominal Voltage, Volt 48.0
No-Load Speed, rpm No
Back-EMF Constant, V/1000 rpm 3.96
Torque Constant, oz-in/A 4.80
Mechanical Time Constant, ms 2.77
Electrical time constant, ms 0.07
Weight Oz 1.70
Motor Regulation R/k², 10³/Nms 2.3
Max No-Load Current, mA 375
Continuous Stall Torque, oz-in 5.90
Continuous Stall Current, A 1.27
Peak Torque for 1s, oz-in 69.5
Peak Current, A 14.4
Motor Constant, mNm/W½ 18.6
Inductance - phase to phase, mH 0.250
Thermal Resistance (winding to ambient), °C/W 15.9
Thermal Time Constant, s 490
Rotor Inertia, oz-in-sec²10-6 4.46
Max winding temperature, °F No
Shaft Load Max Axial, lb 9.9
Shaft Load Max Radial, lb 4.0
Resistance per Phase, ± 10%, Ohms 3.34
Company Portescap