32BF 8B K .10

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32BF 8B K .10

The 32BF brushless DC slotless motor utilizes 6 self supporting ironless coils. The 32BF miniature motor offers long life, excellent speed and position control and smooth rotation. Using a disc magnet design, it has no iron losses and a flat shape.

With or without hall sensors
8 poles
Compact design
No iron losses
High efficiency
Flat design
3 phases
Shaft lengths
Special coils
Cables and connectors
Value added mounting

Part Number 32BF8BK.10_slotless
Diameter, in 1.31
Length, in 0.44
Nominal Voltage, Volt 12.0
Optimization Speed No
No-Load Speed, rpm No
Typical No-Load Current, mA 80
Max continuous mechanical power (@ 25°C) No
Max continuous Current, A 1.5
Max Continuous Torque,oz-in 1.84
Back-EMF Constant, V/1000 rpm 0.87
Torque Constant, oz-in/A 1.18
Motor constant k/R½, oz-in/W½ 0.59
Internal resistance - phase to phase, Ohm 3.95
Line to Line resistance at connectors, Ohm 3.95
Inductance - phase to phase, mH 0.12
Mechanical Time Constant, ms 64.9
Electrical time constant, ms 0
Max motor speed, rpm No
Ambient working temperature range, °F No
Ambient storage temperature range, °F No
Ball bearings preload, N 2.7
Axial static force without shaft support, N 27
Max winding temperature, °F 257, 257
Thermal Resistance, °C/W 13
Thermal Time Constant, °C/W 550
Weight Oz 0.95
Rotor Inertia, gcm² 11.3
Typical Housing Material No
Hall Sensor Elecrical Phasing, electrical° 120
Motor Regulation R/k², 10³/Nms 57.5, 57.50
Company Portescap