23VL010 - NEMA 23 Planetary Gearhead

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23VL010 - NEMA 23 Planetary Gearhead

The 23VL010 planetary gearhead offers true planetary performance at an excellent price. High strength, heated treated gears provide for efficient transmission of torque and accurate speed matching.Additional mounting hardware is required to mount this gearhead to all NEMA 24 size motors and integrated motors. Please note that the charge for the adaptor is $100 and lead time will be 2-4 weeks. Model numbers affected include all of those that begin with: HT24, HW24, STM24 and SWM24.
All StepSERVO models that begin with TSM23 and TXM24, as well as model SSM23IP-4EG, require additional hardware as noted above.

Normally available in 48 hours – see Description below for details
True planetary design
Compact design
Sealed ball bearings
Heat treated gears
High efficiency design
AGMA gear quality
Other ratios available in 2-4 week lead time: 4, 7

# All torque ratings are based upon 3,000 rpm nominal input speed and 10,000 hours minimum service life.
# E-Stop torque rating is limited to 1,000 occurrences.
# Gearhead length based on NEMA motor mounting.
# Efficiency rated at 3,000 rpm input speed at Nominal Rated Torque.
# Gearhead inertia values shown include pinion, clamp, and sleeve, and are for standard NEMA mounting.

Company Applied Motion
Part Number 23vl010_nema_23_planetary_ge
Backlash 12 arc-min
Efficiency [%] 90%
Frame Size NEMA 23
Inertia 1.061E-03 oz-in-sec2
Input Speed 5000 rpm max
IP Rating IP54
Low Backlash NA
Operating Temperature -40 to 120 C
Part Number 23VL010
Ratio 10:1
Service Life >10,000 hours
Shaft Diameter 12.7 mm (0.500 inch)
Torque E Stop 285 in-lb
Torque Max Accel 177 in-lb
Torque Nominal 140 in-lb