22ECT82 10B 15

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22ECT82 10B 15

The 22ECT Ultra EC is designed specifically to deliver ultra high torque in a compact size. The 22ECT is specifically optimized for high continuous torque at low to medium speeds, maximizing power between 10 K and 20 K rpm. These motors are capable of delivering 2 times higher continuous torque than comparable BLDC motors of same size over the entire low speed range when used with gears.

Small package, 2 standard lengths available
Proprietary coil design, high efficiency
Access similar or higher torques than DC motors with much higher lifetimes
Best in class torque capability for BLDC motors in this size, using 4 poles design
Different coil impedance
Shaft lengths
Embeded temperature sensor

Part Number 22ECT8210B15_ultra_ec
Diameter, in 0.87
Length, in 3.23
Nominal Voltage, Volt 24.0, 24.0
Optimization Speed 0
No-Load Speed, rpm No
Typical No-Load Current, mA 130
Max continuous mechanical power (@ 25°C) 104.0
Max continuous Current, A 3.2
Max Continuous Torque,oz-in 13.92
Back-EMF Constant, V/1000 rpm 3.22
Torque Constant, oz-in/A 4.36
Motor constant k/R½, oz-in/W½ 5.10
Internal resistance - phase to phase, Ohm 0.73
Line to Line resistance at connectors, Ohm 0.76
Inductance - phase to phase, mH 0.09
Mechanical Time Constant, ms 1.0
Electrical time constant, ms 0.13
Max motor speed, rpm No
Ambient working temperature range, °F No
Ambient storage temperature range, °F No
Ball bearings preload, N 6.8
Axial static force without shaft support, N 45
Max winding temperature, °F 257, 257
Thermal Resistance, °C/W No
Thermal Time Constant, °C/W 1140
Weight Oz 6.14
Rotor Inertia, gcm² 13.2
Typical Housing Material No
Hall Sensor Elecrical Phasing, electrical° 120
Motor Regulation R/k², 10³/Nms No
Company Portescap