17PN005.5 - NEMA 17 Planetary Gearhead

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17PN005.5 - NEMA 17 Planetary Gearhead

The 17PN005.5 planetary gearhead offers true planetary performance, efficient transmission of torque, and accurate speed matching.

True planetary design
Low backlash design
Input pinion with balanced clamp collar
Quick installation
Strong, caged roller bearings
High efficiency design
All gears are heat treated
NEMA mounting standards

Company Applied Motion
Part Number 17pn005_5_nema_17_planetary
Backlash 10 arc-min
Efficiency [%] 90%
Frame Size NEMA 17
Inertia 1.174E-04 oz-in-sec2
Input Speed 5000 rpm max
IP Rating No
Low Backlash 7 arc-min
Operating Temperature -50 to 120 C
Part Number 17PN005.5
Ratio 5.5:1
Service Life > 10,000 hours
Shaft Diameter 12.7 mm (0.500 inch)
Torque E Stop No
Torque Max Accel 149 in-lb
Torque Nominal 107 in-lb