16ECP52 8B 220

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16ECP52 8B 220

Downsize and optimize your application with a brushless slotless DC motor that also runs up to 30W continuous power at 40,000 rpm.

Compact 16mm diameter - enables machine miniaturization
Optimized magnetic design - allows motor to achieve up to 30W continuous power
Optimized and flexible mechanical design - allows 16ECP to adapt to any appplication
Proprietary coil design and optimized bearing assembly - allows 16ECP motors to reach speeds up to 40,000 rpm
With or without hall sensors
Dust protection sealing of cables output
Different optimization (speed or direction)
Different coil impedance

Part Number 16ECP528B220_slotless
Diameter, in 0.24
Length, in 2.05
Nominal Voltage, Volt 24.0, 24.0
Optimization Speed 0
No-Load Speed, rpm No
Typical No-Load Current, mA 19
Max continuous mechanical power (@ 25°C) 30.0
Max continuous Current, A 0.4
Max Continuous Torque,oz-in 1.87
Back-EMF Constant, V/1000 rpm 3.77
Torque Constant, oz-in/A 5.10
Motor constant k/R½, oz-in/W½ 1.03
Internal resistance - phase to phase, Ohm 24.50
Line to Line resistance at connectors, Ohm 24.60
Inductance - phase to phase, mH 2.32
Mechanical Time Constant, ms 1.9
Electrical time constant, ms 0.10
Max motor speed, rpm No
Ambient working temperature range, °F No
Ambient storage temperature range, °F No
Ball bearings preload, N 5.3
Axial static force without shaft support, N 25
Max winding temperature, °F 127
Thermal Resistance, °C/W No
Thermal Time Constant, °C/W 750
Weight Oz 2.19
Rotor Inertia, gcm² 1.0
Typical Housing Material No
Hall Sensor Elecrical Phasing, electrical° 120
Motor Regulation R/k², 10³/Nms No
Company Portescap