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Waveform measurements: Cursors Amplitude, time Automatic measurements Display any four measurements from any combination of waveforms. Or display all measurements with measurement snapshot feature. Measurements include Period, Frequency, +Width, -Width, Rise time, Fall time, +Duty cycle, -Duty cycle, +Overshoot, High, Low, Max, Min, Peak-to-peak, Amplitude, Mean, Cycle mean, RMS, Cycle RMS, Burst width, Delay, Phase, Area 1 , Cycle Area 1 Measurement statistics Mean, Min, Max, Standard deviation. Requires TDS3AAM application module Thresholds User-definable thresholds for automatic measurements; settable in percent or voltage Gating Isolate a specific occurrence within an acquisition to take measurements, using either the screen or cursors Waveform math Arithmetic Add, subtract, multiply, and divide waveforms FFT Spectral magnitude. Set FFT vertical scale to Linear RMS or dBV RMS, and FFT window to Rectangular, Hamming, Hanning, or Blackman-Harris Advanced math Integrate, differentiate, define extensive algebraic expressions including analog waveforms, math functions, scalars, up to two user-adjustable variables and results of parametric measurements. For example: (Intg (Ch1-Mean(Ch1)) × 1.414 × VAR1) 2 Waveform processing Autoset Single-button, automatic setup of all channels for vertical, horizontal and trigger systems, with undo autoset Deskew Channel-to-channel deskew ±10 ns may be manually entered for better timing measurements and more accurate math waveforms

Company Tektronix
Part Number tds3000c
Bandwidth 100-500 MHz
Max Sample Rate 5 GS/sec
Channels 4 analog
Max Memory Depth 10K
Waveform Update Rate/Max Trigger Rate 3,600 wfms/sec
Display size/Touch or non-touch screen 6.5 in. VGA color display; DB-15
Vertical Resolution 9 bits
Instrument Integrations No
Trigger Modes Edge Conventional level-driven trigger. Positive or negative slope on any channel. Coupling selections: AC, DC, Noise Reject, HF Reject, LF Reject Video Trigger on all lines or individual lines, odd/even or all fields on NTSC, PAL, SECAM Extended video Trigger on specific lines in broadcast and non-broadcast (custom) standards and on analog HDTV formats (1080i, 1080p, 720p, 480p). Requires TDS3VID or TDS3SDI application module Pulse width (or glitch) Trigger on a pulse width , =, ≠ to a selectable time limit ranging from 39.6 ns to 50 s Runt Trigger on a pulse that crosses one threshold but fails to cross a second threshold before crossing the first again Rise/fall time Trigger on pulse edge rates that are either faster or slower than a set rate. Edges can be rising, falling, or either Pattern Specifies AND, OR, NAND, NOR when true or false for a specific time State Any logic state. Triggerable on rising or falling edge of a clock. Logic triggers can be used on combinations of 2 inputs (not 4) Comm Provides isolated pulse triggering required to perform DS1/DS3 telecommunications mask testing per ANSI T1.102 standard. Requires TDS3TMT application module Alternate Sequentially uses each active channel as a trigger source
Vertical Sensitivity 1 MΩ 1 mV/div to 10 V/div; 50 Ω 1 mV/div to 1 V/div
Time Base Range 1 ns to 10 s
Time Scale Accuracy ±20 ppm over any 1 ms time interval
Footprint 14.8 (W) × 6.9 (H) × 5.9 (D) in.