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Power analysis, hardware accelerated FFT with digital down convertor, automated measurements, history mode, search, SmartGrid, advanced math, hardware accelerated mask testing.

Company Rohde & Schwarz
Part Number rte1000
Bandwidth 200 MHz to 2 GHz
Max Sample Rate 5 GS/sec
Channels 2 or 4 analog, 16 digital
Max Memory Depth Up to 200 Mpts
Waveform Update Rate/Max Trigger Rate >1M wfms/sec
Display size/Touch or non-touch screen 10.4-in. XGA, Touch, DVI output
Vertical Resolution Up to 16bits
Instrument Integrations '-Logic Analyzer up to 5 GS/sec -Protocol Analyzer (decode and/or triggering) for 19 standards -Spectrum Analyzer with spectrogram, digital down conversion, time and frequency correlation.
Trigger Modes Digital trigger with zero trigger jitter and trigger sensitivity of 0.04div. Includes Edge, Glitch, Runt, Width, Window, Slew Rate, Pattern, State, TV/Video, Line, Timeout, Data2Clock, Serial Pattern, Serial buses.
Vertical Sensitivity 500 μV/div to 10 V/div. Full bandwidth and hardware implemented on all settings.
Time Base Range 25 psec/div to 5,000 sec/div
Time Scale Accuracy Down to ±2 ppm
Footprint 16.81(W)×9.8 (H)×8.03 (D) in.