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Ruland oldham couplings are a three-piece assembly comprised of two anodized aluminum hubs press fit onto a center disk. This three-piece design allows for ease of customization, installation, and blind assembly. They are zero-backlash and have a balanced design for smooth operation at higher speeds. Ruland uses a proprietary hub machining process that leaves a smoother surface for interaction between the hub and disk resulting in significantly longer life. Oldham couplings can accommodate high amounts of parallel misalignment with very light bearing loads. Disks are available in acetal, nylon, and PEEK allowing the user to tailor performance to meet their application requirements. All oldham coupling hardware is metric and tests beyond industry standards for maximum performance capabilities. Oldham couplings are machined from solid bar stock that is sourced exclusively from North American mills.

Company Ruland Manufacturing
Part Number OD12/19