InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series

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InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series


Protocol trigger and decode

Company Keysight Instruments
Part Number iv_3000t_x_series
Bandwidth 100 MHz ~ 1.0 GHz
Max Sample Rate 5 GS/sec
Channels 2 or 4 + 16
Max Memory Depth 4 Mpts
Waveform Update Rate/Max Trigger Rate > 1,000,000 wfms/sec
Display size/Touch or non-touch screen 8.5-in. capacitive touch
Vertical Resolution 8 bit (12 bit in high res mode)
Instrument Integrations digital timing, protocl analysis, arbitrary function generator, DVM, 8 digit counter
Trigger Modes Zone, edge, edge then edge, pulse width, runt, setup/hold, rise/fall time, Nth edge burst, pattern, or, video, protocols
Vertical Sensitivity 1 mV ~ 5 V/div
Time Base Range 500 psec to 50 sec/div
Time Scale Accuracy 1.6 ppm
Footprint 381 (W) × 204 (H)× 142 (D) mm